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Tracking Cookie/7search.com

Alias: 7search.com

Description: Advertisement tracking cookie file which may potentially violate your privacy.

Threat type:

Tracking Cookie - Tracking cookies are text files that are used to track user surfing history. Not all cookies are bad. For example, cookies by websites that you may frequent can be used to save your settings, so you do not have to re-enter your login information every time you re-visit.

Advice: Remove This is a very high risk threat and should be removed immediately as to prevent harm to your computer and / or to protect your privacy.

SpyNoMore removes Tracking Cookie/7search.com: Yes

Threat risk: Low Risk
Remove 7search.com, 7search.com Remover
Not dangerous but annoying. May profile users and make use of "drive-by installation". Removal of such malware is relatively simple. Category includes most cookies and some adware programs that fully disclose their intent before installation.


Tracking Cookie/7search.com Signature Details: The following information includes some of the standard signatures associated with this spyware threat. Please do not attempt to manually remove these items from your computer; Removing these items incorrectly or partially can cause your computer to experience critical errors, prevent your computer from restarting or cause loss of Internet connectivity. Should you be infected with Tracking Cookie/7search.com, you can clean your computer by downloading SpyNoMore now.

Running Process Signatures:

File Signatures:

Registered Dll (Dynamic Link Library) Signatures:

Folder Signatures:

Registry Signatures:

SpyNoMore Collected Residual File Signatures:

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