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Smart Fortress 2012

Alias: Smart Fortress 2012, Smart Fortress 2012 Fake Antivirus, Smart Fortress 2012 Trojan

Description: Smart Fortress 2012 is a fake anti-spyware program which is usually installed by a trojan or downloaded from one of many fraudulent Fake Scanner Sites. Once installed, Smart Fortress 2012 issues the message "Your computer is infected" and pretends to perform system scans. It goes on to report fake / exaggerated results. The purpose of these scans is to try and scare the user into purchasing of the full version of the application. Additionally, Smart Fortress 2012 periodically displays pop-up windows and system messages stating that your computer is infected. Smart Fortress 2012 sometimes packs a trojan that allows it to disable almost all antivirus products from running as well as to block access to many security websites.

Smart Fortress 2012 Special Removal Instructions

Step 1: Download Vkill. If you cannot download directly to the infected computer, you can download it onto a clean computer and transfer it to the infected computer (by using a network or a flash drive). Note that you can download Vkill even if your browser is being blocked by the infection, simply type the address www.spynomore.com/downloads/vkill.exe into your browser's address bar and hit enter. If you are using a 64-bit version of Windows, download this version of Vkill instead: www.spynomore.com/downloads/vkill64.exe. See picture below:

Download vkill on infected computer

Step 2: Double-click Vkill several quick times in a row to disable Smart Fortress 2012. Make sure to save any unsaved work before you do that. You will know that Vkill was successfull in disabling Smart Fortress 2012 once you are able to see a text file open up. The text file will show the names of the processes killed.

Step 3: Once Smart Fortress 2012 has been disabled, you can download and run SpyNoMore. SpyNoMore will download updates then scan your computer and if Smart Fortress 2012 is present, SNM will detect it and you will be able to see either Smart Fortress 2012 or Fake Antivirus in the scan results. These are the same product. Please note that the free version of SpyNoMore will only show you the detections. In order to remove the infection you need to purchase a 1-year license which costs $29 (or $39 for 3 computers). In all cases, you will be able to see the infection in the free version scan results.

Step 4: Purchase the activation key from a clean computer by clicking on our Purchase link on spynomore.com. Write down the activation key and use it to activate SNM on the infected computer. This will remove Smart Fortress 2012 and restore your internet connection. You will again be able to run your programs and applications without trouble.

Threat type:

Trojan - A Trojans or Trojan Horse is any programs that installs itself secretly normally via malware programs, quite often with sinister intent. Once installed, the trojan author (hacker) can gain complete control of the infected PC. Trojans are usually designed to steal sensitive information and/or destroy the system. Trojans can be distributed as unsolicited email attachments, or bundled with freeware and shareware programs.

Advice: Remove This is a very high risk threat and should be removed immediately as to prevent harm to your computer and / or to protect your privacy.

SpyNoMore removes Smart Fortress 2012: Yes

Threat risk: Very High Risk
Remove Smart Fortress 2012, Smart Fortress 2012 Remover
Extremely dangerous malware. Uses stealth installation, randomly named entries and has the capability to self update or resurrect after incomplete removal. Almost impossible to remove manually. Category mostly consists of trojans and spyware.


Popup messages claiming that your computer is infected.

Installation of System Security without your consent.

Inability to run antivirus programs.

Smart Fortress 2012 Signature Details: The following information includes some of the standard signatures associated with this spyware threat. Please do not attempt to manually remove these items from your computer; Removing these items incorrectly or partially can cause your computer to experience critical errors, prevent your computer from restarting or cause loss of Internet connectivity. Should you be infected with Smart Fortress 2012, you can clean your computer by downloading SpyNoMore now.

Running Process Signatures:

File Signatures:

Registered Dll (Dynamic Link Library) Signatures:

Folder Signatures:

Registry Signatures:

SpyNoMore Collected Residual File Signatures:

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