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RAT/Dua ti choi

Alias: Dua ti choi

Description: This RAT program was created in Vietnam by a hacker called hackerdanang. A Remote Administration Tool is a special kind of hacker spyware, used for remote access and control of other people's computers. The attacker infects the PC via the e-mail or File and Print Sharing. A "server" allows him to connect via a "client" on his own machine. The functions of a RAT may vary, depending on the needs of the hacker. Some RATs can't really harm your PC and the only purpose they were made for is hooliganism. But some versions can steal vital information, delete files and even crash your system. The origination date of this pest is June 2002. The virus is compressed with ASPack.

Threat type:

RAT - Remote Administration Tool (RAT) is a software application which provides an attacker with the capability to control your computer system remotely whenever you are online. The attacker can perform operations such as programs and/or files adding/deleting, files transfers, capturing screenshot, etc. Attacker may use captured computer for different personal needs such as to send malicious attacks.

Advice: Remove This is a very high risk threat and should be removed immediately as to prevent harm to your computer and / or to protect your privacy.

SpyNoMore removes RAT/Dua ti choi: Yes

Threat risk: High Risk
Remove Dua ti choi, Dua ti choi Remover
Very dangerous malware. Can log user's keyboard activity and take snapshots of the user's screen. Uses stealth installation and removal is very difficult. Category includes spyware programs, adware programs and trojans.


RAT/Dua ti choi Signature Details: The following information includes some of the standard signatures associated with this spyware threat. Please do not attempt to manually remove these items from your computer; Removing these items incorrectly or partially can cause your computer to experience critical errors, prevent your computer from restarting or cause loss of Internet connectivity. Should you be infected with RAT/Dua ti choi, you can clean your computer by downloading SpyNoMore now.

Running Process Signatures:

File Signatures:

Registered Dll (Dynamic Link Library) Signatures:

Folder Signatures:

Registry Signatures:

SpyNoMore Collected Residual File Signatures:

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