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BHO/Toolbar/Excite Search bar

Alias: Excite Search bar

Description: A browser helper object, or BHO, is a plug-in for the Microsoft Internet Explorer web browser. The BHO application programming interface exposes hooks that allow the BHO to access the document object model of the current page and to control navigation. Some exploits of this technology search all pages you view in IE and replace banner advertisements with other ads. Some monitor and report on your actions or change your home page.

Threat type:

BHO - A Browser Helper Object (BHO) is a software application that runs automatically whenever you start Internet Explorer. Browser Helper Objects are typically installed by other programs such as toolbar accessories and can track internet usage, create popup windows, display additional information on a viewed page and collect information that is transmitted by you over the internet. Malicious software that exploits this technology can replace banner advertisements with other ads, monitor your actions, change your home page, etc.

Toolbar - A Toolbar is a group of buttons that performs different tasks. Unwanted toolbars are usually installed by adware programs that try to send users to their paying advertisers.

Advice: Remove This is a very high risk threat and should be removed immediately as to prevent harm to your computer and / or to protect your privacy.

SpyNoMore removes BHO/Toolbar/Excite Search bar: Yes

Threat risk: High Risk
Remove Excite Search bar, Excite Search bar Remover
Very dangerous malware. Can log user's keyboard activity and take snapshots of the user's screen. Uses stealth installation and removal is very difficult. Category includes spyware programs, adware programs and trojans.


BHO/Toolbar/Excite Search bar Signature Details: The following information includes some of the standard signatures associated with this spyware threat. Please do not attempt to manually remove these items from your computer; Removing these items incorrectly or partially can cause your computer to experience critical errors, prevent your computer from restarting or cause loss of Internet connectivity. Should you be infected with BHO/Toolbar/Excite Search bar, you can clean your computer by downloading SpyNoMore now.

Running Process Signatures:

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